Class Consciousness

The concept that I chose to explore from the reading was class consciousness, because I find Marx’s ideas about class warfare to be interesting. Marx believed that when the working class developed class consciousness or “recognized their class interests, common oppression and an understanding of who their oppressors are,” (Eitzen, Bacazinn and Smith, 9) they would organize a revolt against the current social system. This concept is important to sociology and a sociological understanding of society because it can explain why some people are unhappy with their social status and the ways they try to seek reform. A few ways that this concept helps me to understand society better are because class consciousness also can be used to explain peoples motivation to elevate their social status.  When individuals realize that they belong to a lower social class, they are motived to try to increase their status in society.  Achieving a high social class is a goal of many people in our capitalist society and can partly be explained by class consciousness.




I created two memes that help explain this concept:

meme 3



  1. This is a really interesting concept! Does this explain any specific revolts that have happened throughout history? It would be really interesting to analyze a class system, like the caste system in india, and see if it can explain why things happened the way they did. Marx could almost predict the future with this approach to analyzing certain social systems. So cool!

  2. I really like the memes you created for your topic. You explain the concept of class consciousness very well. It is extremely interesting how until people realize class consciousness they don’t realize common oppression and such. This is such an interesting concept and you explained it well.

  3. I really liked how you explained the importance of class conciseness in terms of sociology. I also think it is interesting how you explained Marx’s ideas about this topic, and how it explained the working classes’ new relationship with the powerful. I think you’re memes backed up your statements very well.

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